maandag 13 mei 2013

My first quilt!

"365 days in 6 weeks" quilt finished
I finally finished my first big quilt.
I found Leah Day's  blog and started to free motion quilt with small sandwiches, but after reading how Leah put everything together to a quilt, I decided to make a queen size quilt. All the blocks have a different quilt pattern and so all the little pieces sashing too. At first I started with the patterns of Leah Day but soon I made my own patterns. There are 175 blocks.
I pieced five strokes of 45 blocks (5,5x5,5 inch) with 1 inch sashing.
I just bought fabrics of (solid cottona with a few batiks). Now I know that there are better ways to choose colours for a quilt. So I have a big quilt that is ugly, but I had a lot of fun sewing it. I made mistakes with the piecing, binding and quilting. There are nice quilted blocks and worse quilted blocks, but I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and I am a better quilter! Thanks to Leah Day and her excellent blog with designs, tutorials, tips and tricks!

Thanks everybody for your compliments and nice words! It makes me happy with my quilt.

Too little space to lay the strokes next to each other,

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Keep quilting!

Maartje Quilt

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Maartje,

    What a fabulous project! I love it so much!

    Love from England,

  2. I wouldn't call that quilt ugly. I love the bright, bold colors. It has a stained glass feel. I admire your courage to design your own quilting patterns.

  3. I love it...what an amazing quilt. Your quilting looks great and just looking at that little flower design there is so much to look at. Wow...great job.

  4. I dont think it is ugly at all! It kind of reminds me of stained glass.

  5. I don't think it is ugly at all! It immediately caught my eye. Great job!! :)

  6. Ww, great job!!! You ave t be very proud!

  7. That is not an ugly quilt! I love the colors! I, too have made little sandwiches with which to learn Leah Day's lessons on FMQ! How exciting that I will have a great quilt some day. You have encouraged me to keep at it and come what may, I can show my quilt. I have made all my sandwiches from white fabric and I am using different colors of threads.

  8. A-ma-zing!! Absolutely gorgeous, you've done what I bet many of us still want to try, great job!

  9. Your quilt is so beautiful!! If it or scraps need a new home, keep me in mind!! Barbara

  10. That's so pretty. Love the variety of colours. Well done!

  11. That is certainly NOT an ugly quilt. I love it!