maandag 27 mei 2013

2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge #4 Postcards

In the Netherlands there are not that many quilters, that's why I like the SewCalGal FMQ-challenge so much. I am not a person to go to a quilt bee, but I like to learn and inspired by other quilters.  I like all those blogs on the Internet. I learned a lot form Leah's Day blog, but I like to learn from other gifted quilters too, so I joined the 2013 SewCalGal FMQ-challenge. I finished the Feather challenge (but I am not finished with feathers) and I just made postcards for the challenge. I will certainly make more postcards, because it is fun to do!
I never ever would have treid this without the challenge! To day I will finish a chicken postcard too!
Six cards so far....
And 8 more! (2 below)

Postcard for the Postcard Swap

NR 6, Zentangle quilting on pink satin

NR. 5. Zentangle quilting on pink satin

NR 4 Second attempt Birds nest. Now a trapunto egg and a nest in a tree. The quilting: simple beams of moonlight and green grass or something like that. I like the birds nests, want to do more with this idea.
NR. 3. I like my idea for this postcard, but the quilting is a bad choice, black on black micro stippling is too difficult for me and it does not show. I will try a blue background with a thread with a different color blue for the quilting. By the way, the design is not my idea. I saw a quilt like this on the Internet.

NR 2 I want to try small feathers and I will do some more of these. It is fun!
This card I sent to Libby Lehman Please send her a card too, she is seriously ill.

NR. 1 First try a ribbon, I should have quilted the background, so I have to do some more. It don't look like a ribbon of Libby Lehman, so I have to do more I have to paint more like Libby said. I will send her a card soon. Hope she will get better soon!

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  1. Hi Maartje, your postcards are just great, such fun, thank you for giving them a go, I look forward to seeing some of these in the Postcard swap group. Keep on quilting....jan