vrijdag 7 juni 2013

2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge - Challenge #2 - AAQI Piece

Today I finished my Gluilt for Challenge  #2 for the 2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge of SewCalGal. It is a miniquilt for The Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative.

It is my experience that free motion quilting feathers is so relaxing and prevents me from thinking about all those thoughts that always spin in my head. I am just sewing, concentrated on my stitches and speed and forgetting the world around me.
I experienced for the first time in my life how difficult it is for someone suffering Alzheimer to not be aware of what you are doing . Like my dear aunt Anna, not a real aunt but a neighbour of my former parents in law. She was very religious and believed that all people are evil and that when you did something wrong you go to hell. She was such a good person, but so afraid to sin. Her son and husband died and she left alone with very few family far away. She get Alzheimer. When she was conscious about what she was doing, she always was afraid if she had done something wrong. Once they found her naked on the street and for days she was afraid of her punishment. It lasted years when she did not know anything about sins and punishment anymore, but by then she did not know anything at all. So she lived for five more years. 
Today when I was busy for the AAQI-quilt I thought a lot about aunt Anna. My youngest daughter, Anneloes, is named after her! Thank to my daughters name and this quilt  to day Aunt Anna will be remembered at least by me!

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