maandag 24 juni 2013

Feathers, place mats, AAI quilt and harem pants

Another week with cool weather in the Netherlands. School holidays but no summer yet. I But warmer weather is promised next week! I hope so.
But cool weather means more time behind my sewing machine to practice free motion quilting. I finished three quilts this week. A mini quilt for the Alzheimer Art Guilt Initiative, which is on his way to the United States.
An 8x12 inch mini quilt for the Alzheimer Art Guilt Initiative.
Top and back: Egyptian cotton, Thread: G├╝termann Rayon multi color.
When I am machine quilting for vife minutes, I am unaware of the world around me. When I see Alzheimer patients afraid of the world around them, I wish they were unaware of the world around them.
I hope someone will want to pay for the quilt.

I had to practice the technique of thread painting ribbons for the SewCalGal fmq challenge 2013#1. Finally a ribbon I like and I have another postcard to give away.
I found a excellent tutorial with pattern of Libby Liebermann. In the tutorial Libby sews a quilt with a big ribbon. She uses a zigzag to fill the colors of the ribbon and she is wright. Of course.

I made place mats for one of my daughter in law. We celebrated the birthday of my husband in her garden, so our two grand daughters could play. We do not like to go to a restaurant with kids of 2 and 3.  They have a table cloth of Indonesian batik in red colors. So I hope she likes the place mats.
I still had to choose the binding and to finish another pair. Batik or red?

Another finish this week: the harem pants of colorful batik for grand daughter Sascha. We took her to the goat farm and of course she want to wear it! And the pants for her foll had to be ...... pink.

My WIP's for next week:
1. I still have those big pieces of purple Egyptian cotton. Two 100 inch square and two 35 inch square. I started to quilt a whole cloth of the smaller pieces. Almost 30% of the quilting is finished. Quilting, micro quilting and hyper quilting with different colours of thread and metal thread. I will finish it this weekend. Fun! It will be the first quilt wall hanging in my house.

2. I already pieced the top of two ladders and snakes play quilts for my granddaughters. I want to applique the snakes, ladders and numbers. Also two big dices. The play quilts must be ready before their birthdays in Augustus and September.

3. Two more red place mats for my daughter in law. So I can give it to her the next time we go to see them.

4.The fabrics for two more Balloon baby quilts are cut weeks ago. This week one finish. The one I will give to my youngest daughter when she finally can tell me she is pregnant.