dinsdag 11 juni 2013

2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge #1 Ribbons and #4 Postcards

To day I finished postcards, some of them with ribbons, for the 2013 SewCalGal free-Motion Quilting challenges 1 and 4.
Challenge #1 is about the ribbons of Libby Lehman and challenge #4 is about postcards for a swab. The theme of the swab in june is 'wedding'. Ribbons and weddings go well together, so I combined both challenges.

Yesterday I took a big square of pink satin and polyester to make a sandwich, big enough for eight postcards, for several postcards. I collected some embroidery thread, even some metallic for ribbons and sat down behind my sewing machine.  I want to send my card for the swap away as soon as possible. I marked my piece of fabric and started. I wanted to free motion some roses, ribbons, feathers and zen-tangle doodles.  Enough for eight  cards!
I did not feel very well when I started, but after ten minutes of sewing I forget everything. I sewed for almost six hours and finished all the cards when I woke up this morning.
I did the satin stitch around the card with the darning foot too. Much easier than using the satin stitch foot!
I do not like my ribbons, I will make a place-mat or mini quilt with a big ribbon with nice colors.

Here are the results:
The cards with the ribbons for challenge #1

First finish with Isacord what a beautifull thread!

This is another ribbon postcard I made two weeks ago.
And another one:

The postcards for challenge nr. 5

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