donderdag 13 juni 2013

Isacord polyester thread! Such a beautiful colors!

In Amsterdam I cannot find Isacord thread for fmq. In a Quiltshop with plenty of other thread, they laughed arrogant and told me never to use polyester for machine quilting. But I wanted to try the thread which Leah recommend and uses for her beautiful quilts.
Today I went to my eldest daughter in Hilversum. Always nice to be with my daughter, Roos, and beautiful granddaughter, Salijn. I just find out that in Barneveld, 40 km away from Hilversum, is a shop where I can buy Isacord polyester thread for embroidery and free motion quilting!
It was raining a bit, I had the fast car of my son in law (other daughters husband) and my daughter was very eager to drive in that car. So it was not difficult to persuade my daughter to drive to Barneveld. It is a 25 minutes drive on the high way. My daughter was a bit down, but after five minutes in that fast car she was happy again and my granddaughter slept peacefully with pink cheeks in her chair in the back of the car. All three of us happy and on our way to Isacord!

All those beautiful summer colors in a box.
The shop had a wall with all isacord poly thread. I felt in the 'Land of milk and honey'. Such a beautiful colors and so much colors! I treat myself and bought a box with thirty! summer colors. I will awake very early tomorrow morning and do some thread play with my Isacord!

By the way: Baarneveld is the centre of the Dutch Poultry farming. Nice to find Isacord there! Colored eggs!

A wall with Isacord colors

The shop: Huissteden Barneveld

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  1. Hello Maartje,

    in my mind Isacord is a really magnifiscent yarn. I use it in multicolor shades for the most of my quilts. Another very good Polyesteryarn is Brildor pb40, its a little bit cheaper then Isacord but has same quality.

    Every times when I go to the Quilt Shop, they also laughed a bit arrogant about my Polyesteryarn-Preference. Don´t worry about it.

    lg, Katharina