vrijdag 7 juni 2013

Free motion quilting Friday

I did a lot of quilting this week. I did the binding of a table runner, placemats and coasters I made of samplers. So I have left five unfinished quilts , two play quilts (ladders and snakes) for my granddaughters, a wedding ring picnic quilt for my eldest daughter en two more baby quilts with the balloons. I hope one baby quilt will be for my youngest daughter. She and her husband want a baby so badly. I will give the baby quilt to her when she tells me that she is expecting a child.

I finished this week two quilts and no samplers! Both quilts for the 2013 SewCalGal free motion quilting challenge. The first one is a whole clothe with ten borders. You can see details at this post. The feathers are 'hyper quilted' I love that!
I need some advise with the binding. Black or something else?
The second quilt is for the 2013 SewCalGal free motion quilting challenge #2. is a mini guilt for the Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiatieve. The details and thoughts with this quilt, you can read at this post

I will post a better picture with the real colors, when I have batteries for my camera. It was after the big whole clothe very easy to keep my stitches small and to follow the line of the stitches when I backtrac. All the hours of practice have effect!

Thanks everybody for your kind words!

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9 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely work. Also love the hyper quilting. I actually think I am addicted to it.
    Greetings from Australia

  2. Both beautiful projects. Someday I'm going to get to the point where I can try one of those. Someday.

  3. Neat quilts! I especially like the first, the quilting is so fun to look at!

  4. Wow! Really super quilting. Love the thread colors

  5. I love the hyper quilting. It makes it look so vibrant. I also think it adds movement. Great job!

  6. Your quilting looks great. Both of these look amazing! From my screen, I wonder if black would be a bit stark for binding but in real life, of course, it might be perfect :)