vrijdag 14 juni 2013

Free motion quilting friday finishes

To practice free motion quilting I finished a lot of postcards and ribbons for the 2013 SewCalGal free motion challenges #1 (ribbons) and #4 (postcards).  The micro quilting on the cards is a good practice to control the speed of the machine and I can practice different designs.

I finally found a shop with Isacord thread not far away from Amsterdam, and I bought a box with summer colors. The pink square postcard is my first finish with my Isacord thread. The other postcards are free motion quilted with Madeira multi color rayon.

I have to practice a lot more on the ribbons. I do not like my ribbons. I made them free hand. Next time I will draw the lines, before I fill in the colors.
First thing I had to do before Sunday is two place mats or a table runner for a daughter in law. We celebrate my husbands birthday at her place. She has a nice garden where the kids can play. 

Bad choice of the pink color, but it's looks worse on this IPhone picture.

This card I used for the Postcard Swap The theme is 'Wedding'

 Cards without ribbons:

I like to try McTavish

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