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Wandering through the beautiful Waterland of Amsterdam

Today we made a long walk.
We live in the North of Amsterdam. 10 minutes by bus to the centre of Amsterdam, but a twenty minutes walk to 'Waterland' the beautiful, quiet region north east of Amsterdam. It is surrounded by a lake: IJsselmeer. The Waterland is ideal for cycling and wandering.

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Five minutes walking from our apartment we pass  ''t Sluisje' (The Lock), a cafe. A nice place to stay and have a drink or a meal. When the sun is shining there are a lot of tourists enjoying the view.

We walk out of Amsterdam over the Nieuwerdammerdijk en Schellingwouderdijk, one of the many dikes in The Waterland.

 After 45 minutes walking over the dike, we reach the first village: Durgerdam 

When you wandered through Waterland, you understand the name of this area.

We walked to another small village: Ransdorp, you can see the tower. Long time ago they had no money to finish the top.

Big church and town hall for a village with 200 inhabitants!
Not too bad, living in Ransdorp.
 These wooden walls are typical for old houses in the region, the Zaanstreek' North of Amsterdam. They are named 'Zaanse houses' after another big city in this region: Zaandam. They are part of our national heritage

 After three hours almost back in Amsterdam we walked next to a lot of community gardens. In a lot of gardens just a lot of beautiful flowers nowedays. Most people live whole summer in the little, luxury house in their garden.

Back at our balcony we enjoyed our view on a pond with a glass of good wine.
Life is not too bad.


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