vrijdag 13 september 2013

Friday finishes and shopping for a house and st. report

It was a busy week. We want to move to another place in Amsterdam. I love to move to the city centre, but my husband i8s hesitating. Now we are at the point that we find two houses, One smaller house at a canal in the city centre. It is a former shop and very old, but they are busy with the renovation,  so we can move in. The other house is in the middle of green and small river with a lot of space and need some renovation. It is in the North of Amsterdam, 1,5 miles away where we live now. It is a 15 minutes by bike from the city centre and there is a bus stop next to the house.
What would you do?

We hebben een drukke week gehad. We kijken uit naar een nieuw huis. We hebben nu de keus tusdsen een gerenoveerd oud winkelpand aan een gracht in Amsterdam en een huis in noord. Dat huis ligt aan een park met een riviertje en heeft veel meer ruimte. Maar er mnoet wel wat aan gedaan worden. Het is niete ver van ons huis en ook maar vijftien minuten rijden naar de pont en bovendien een bushalte voor het huis.
Wat zou jij kiezen?

The green floor apartment at the left ......

... near the bridge......

Despite of everything I succeeded to do some sampler free motion quilting.   I hyper quilted two sampler with 'feathered flowers' in four colors. I made a blue and red sampler. I made to 6 inches small square samplers with one flower and binded the samplers with some of my batik fabrics. A nice gift for my sister in law.
When I did go to the shop to buy some blue batik looke4d at the house at the canal in the centre. One advantage of that house is that it is nearer to the fabric shops! Just a ten minutes bike ride!

Ondanks al het gedoe met de huizen heb ik toch nog tijd gehad om twee oefenlappen te quilten uit de vrije hand. Het zijn fantasie bloemen met veren. Ik vond ze mooi genoeg om als cadeau weg te geven en heb er daarom twee  kleintjes met één bloem bijgemaakt. Met het randje van gekleurde batik er omheen is het een mooi cadeau voor mijn schoonzus. 

My other finishes are three blocks for the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt allong.
Not spot on, but a lot better and quicker than the first blocks for this quilt along. I do not have a design wall so all the blocks are taped on two doors in our living room. I just used fabrics of my stock without thinking of a design. But I love all those colors. The piecing virus infected me already. I am thinking of a quilt with my batik fabrics ......... Than I will pay more attention to the color scheme!

Verder heb ik deze week drie blokken gemaakt voor the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt Along. Nog niet helemaal accuraat, maar het gaat al een stuk beter en sneller dan de eerste blokken. De lapjes zijn per blok gegraaid uit mijn voorraad lapjes. Het is wel erg bont geworden. Het patch virus heeft me te pakken. Ik denk al aan neen quilt met mijn batiks. Dan zal ik beter letten op het afstemmen van de kleuren!

My design wall!!

Next week just one lesson of the quilt along and a lot more quilting. I had some fun exercises in mind. We go to both houses and may be we make a decision next week ....

Volgende week wat minder blokken en wat meer quilten. Ik heb een paar mooie oefeningen in gedachten. We gaan ook beide huizen bezichtigen. Wie weet nemen we een beslissing.

Stash report:

Fabric used this week  1.5 yards
Fabric used year to date  27 yards
Fabric added this week  4 yards
Fabric added year to date  47,5 yards
                                           Netto added this year 20,5 yards

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  1. Sounds like you've found two good options for a new home. We are toying with the idea of moving and just starting to look. Takes a lot of work to shop for a new home!

    Your FMQ is absolutely beautiful. Inspirational. What a great gift. And your blocks are lovely too.


  2. Hello Maartje,

    Using the different coloured threads really adds an extra dimension to the quilting. Wonderful work.

    Best of luck with the house hunting.


  3. I love your quilting and I love your Town ,,with the nine gates...street!!Hugs Bambi

  4. I would go for North, BirdBlocks is not that far away :-)

  5. Your FMQ pieces are beautiful! I could see advantages to either place you have found. For me, it would depend on noise factor. I like quiet and not to hear my neighbors. It would be convenient to walk or bike downtown, but the green has appeal, too. I'm glad it isn't my decision. =)

  6. Lovely quilting - and what a beautiful place to live.

  7. I continue to love your creative quilting! Have fun house hunting!

  8. Wow... your FM quilting is gorgeous! I admire your work.


  9. Wow! You've gotten a lot of quilting and piecing done while you house shop. That is amazing. Your quilting is beautiful and the blocks look great. I really like the colors in all.

    And I love your design wall. *grin* We with small spaces have to make do with what we have.

  10. Your FMQ is stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! I love the different colored threads as they add so much dimension.

    Good luck with your house hunting. The properties all look wonderful!

    Oh! And thanks for linking up with me this Sunday Stash! :)

  11. Beautiful FMQ. I wish I could do that. Props to you!

  12. I would choose the home outside of the city center. More peaceful! Love the FMQ on your place mats! You are sew busy!

  13. I hope you find the perfect place to live! Your free motion samples are very pretty! Lovely aiming for accuracy blocks!

  14. Oh boy shopping for a new home what fun, and so scenic where you are!! LOVE the FMQ, just wonderful

  15. What beautiful quilting and what beautiful piecing!
    Your house decision is a hard one. I hope that you and your husband are able to decide and be happy with whichever one you choose! I'd find it difficult too!

  16. Such lovely quilting. And the blocks---wow! Eye-candy!

  17. Beautiful quilting and blocks! Good luck with your home decision! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  18. your blocks are so beautiful, and that FMQ is just amazing!

    Thanks for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  19. What beautiful pictures of Amsterdam! Your blocks are beautiful, too. You are very talented!

  20. Your quilting is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  21. I kind of like the green floor apartment (except for the needing renovation part). And I absolutely love your "feather flower" samplers. I love the flow. So beautifully done! Thanks for linking up and congrats on some great finishes.

    xo -E

  22. I would pick being near the city centre - then not only close by bike but by walking too! I wonder what you decided? I'm trying to find the answer in your newer posts but have missed it.
    Lovely quilting. I also did the SewCalGal FMQing project as I wanted to learn from someone beyond Leah, but now that I've experienced the others I am glad to return to her site and practice with her. You have been able to practice much more than me! Beautiful work. Best wishes, June