dinsdag 24 september 2013

Quilting along/ahead on my old sewing machine

When I was young learning reading at school, the teacher was often mad at me. I remember when I was about eight years and the class read a book together. When it was my turn reading to the class, I was pages ahead and did not know where to begin! Every school, every course, it was always to slow for me. I am not the one to learn in groups. I was always impatient. When I was a teacher myself, I encourage students to learn in their own pace.

Op school kreeg ik vaak op mijn kop van de lerares. Ik herinner me dat als we een boek samen lazen in de klas, ik nooit wist waar ik moest beginnen. Ik was altijd een eind verder in het boek. Elke school, elke cursus, het ging me altijd te langzaam.  Ik moet gewoon niet in groepen leren.

Even the Accurate quilt along. It is difficult for me, to wait every week for a new lesson. So  I start finishing it on my own. It am two lessons ahead. I love to figure out how I had to cut the fabrics and sew them together and I love to see that almost all the points are spot on. I make less mistakes doing it myself! I want to finish the top before this weekend. I learned so much participating in this Quilt Along!

Zelfs met de Accuracy Quilt along is het moeilijk voor me om elke week te wachten op de volgende les. Dus maak ik de top nu zelf af. Ik bereken zelf hoe groot ik de lapjes moet snijden en aan elkaar moet naaien. Ik maak zo ook minder fouten en de puntjes zitten bijna allemaal in een keer goed! Ik heb zoveel geleerd van de Quilt Along!

De finished top so far .......
I bought a new sewing machine almost a year ago. My 40 year old Husqvarna 2000 had to many quirks. Too much annoyance! But my new Husqvarna is back to the shop and I wanted to sew, so I put the old Husqvarna on the table. I understand why I bought a new machine, but the old one is not too bad. At least I can piece and quilt. Tension problems I can solve by changing the bobbin or a new thread. It is annoying, but I can sew. I do not know what the problem is. The foot pedal is getting hot when I fmq too long! I finished some sampler and need to bind them. We have a dinner this weekend and I want to give them to my sister in law. I love sewing in autumn colors!

I kocht ongeveer een jaar geleden een nieuwe naaimachine. Mijn meer dan veertig jaar oude Husqvarna 2000 had kuren. Ik ergerde me zo dat naaien niet leuk meer was. Maar nu met mijn nieuwe machine ter reparatie bij de winkel heb ik de oude machine weer op tafel gezet. En hoewel de machine vaak vastloopt, kan ik ermee naaien en quilten.  IK moet  steeds de spoel er opnieuw indoen en de draad weer opnieuw inrijgen, maar ik weet niet wat er aan de hand is. Ik merk dat de voetpedaal warm wordt als ik te lang naai en moet dus steeds even stoppen. Maar ik ben er heerlijk mee bezig geweest en heb veren kunnen naaien. Nu nog biezen er omheen en ik heb mooie cadeaus als ik dit weekend bij mijn schoonzus ga eten.
Ik vind het heerlijk om in herfstkleuren te naaien.
Sampler/placemat Lovely background filler!


I was fun stitching this sampler with beautiful autumn colors. But the fun is over. Now every two minutes there is a problem with the tension. The back of this sampler is awful! At least I know for sure that is was the right decision to buy a new machine. I hope to get my new machine back from the shop tomorrow with no problems. But there is enough to do. Today we go with our broker to the house at the park. It is only ten minutes by bike to the city center. It will be an exiting weekend with the bidding!

Jammer, maar ik kan niet verder met mijn oefenlap. Mijn machine loopt nu om de twee minuten vast en de achterkant ziet er afschuwelijk uit. Het aankopen van mijn nieuwe machine was dus een goede beslissing. Ik hoop morgen mijn machine terug te krijgen van de winkel. Maar vandaag gaan we met de makelaar naar het huis aan de breek. We hebben besloten het te kopen.

The fun is over.....

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  1. Beautiful quilting! I love the colors you used!

  2. Beautiful work as usual! My old singers foot would get very hot if I FMQ too long so we replaced the foot and it is fine. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. You are making great strides on your quilt. Your placemat sampler and coasters are beautiful! Great job on the free motion quilting!

  4. that is a lovely quilt and the quilting is beautiful!

  5. You do beautiful work! I love the quilt along you're doing. The colors are fabulous!

  6. Your quilting is so beautiful. Bright and cheery!

  7. Your FMQ is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful work :)

  8. I was one of those students always going ahead and got antsy when I was made to stay with the group. Isn't it frustrating when a machine is in the shop and you want to sew!?! Love the quilting you have going!

  9. Lovely quilting, also for me the binding is the least favorite part.

  10. I teach that way too! I had that problem in school as well, and even now, I like to do things FAST. Your accuracy blocks are so pretty, and your FMQ is stunning. I love the gingko leaves!

    Thank you so much for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. thanks for sharing.
    I'm also very happy about my new machine that sews so easily....and I like your works claudia

  12. Your table runner is stunning! Yes, there is a reason why we trade in our machines.

  13. Your quilting is just beautiful! I love the coaster and placemats ... what a great idea!

    Thank you for linking up with TGIFF!

    :) Megan @ Cherry Valley Designs

  14. I know what you mean about working ahead. Great job with your projects, Maartje. Your quilting is amazing!

  15. Oh my gosh, that sampler is breathtaking!! And so is that view. I hope you get the house!

  16. Beautiful FMQ, it's amazing. I love gingko leaves, they're such a lovely shape.

  17. I love the colors too...and I love your blogging in both languages. It helps me maintain my (very rusty) Dutch skills. Bedankt!

  18. Your FMQ is absolutely beautiful! Hope you get the house on the park!

  19. Maartje this quilting is amazing! I can't wait to see what you do on a machine that is working properly. Lucky sister in law! Karen on Keuka

  20. Beautiful quilting Maartje. I love how you can produce this in such seemingly effortless way...I think I need to practice this more free flowing style. So amazing.

  21. As always, the quilting is stunning. Yes, I love the fall colors as well. Hope you had good luck with the broker, such a beautiful view.

  22. Hello maartje,
    With my grandmothers machine, the pedal would get very hot. My brother-in-law, who owns a sewing machine shop actually, told me that that pedal was actually "ready to blow"! Please do not use yours anymore or your foot might get injured or EEKS you might get an electric shock! Also, by BIL said not to sew barefoot with a metal pedal, also electrocution-risk!
    I got a replacement pedal and it works perfectly.
    I am so glad that you have a newer machine that works much better!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com