maandag 3 november 2014

FMQ coffeebeans/koffiebonen free pattern

I love coffee, micro free motion quilting and I love to make miniquilts/placemats to give to friends. I collected a lot of pins with funny paintings and sayings about coffee. I combine all these to sew 'coffee' placemats. For these placemats I designed a coffebeans filler and coffeebean loop.

Quilting coffeebeans filler/ koffiebonenvuller quilten

Quilten coffeebean loop/ koffiebonenlus

Pattern placemat (finshed size: 45 cm/32 cm)        Patroon placemat (45 cm x 32 cm)

Fabric: 4x 18x12,5 inch  (48cm/35 cm)
Batting:  18 inch/12,5 inch (48 cm/35 cm)
Binding:  75 inch x 2.25 inch (1,70 cm x 4,5 cm)

1. Sandwich the placemats
2. Draw with chalk the pattern on top fabric.
    If nescesary copy and paste the patterns in a document, enlarge it and print it.
3. Quilt coffeebeansfiller in the letters, coffeecup and 'smell'.
4. Guilt the coffeebean loop around the letters and coffeecup.
5. Square the sandwich 18 inch/12,5 inch (48 cm / 35 cm)
6. Finish the placemat with the binding.

Stash report
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Added Year to Date: 24 yards
Net: 0 yards out of my stash.

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