vrijdag 12 juli 2013

A long list, but just two place mats

I have been busy with nothing this week. I do not know how, but time past by very quick and I did very little with it It wasmy first week with a WIP/BOM list and I wanted to do a lot, but I think I need more than a list to keep busy!

One day was well spent: I went to the Zoo with my granddaughter Salijn. She enjoyed being there and I enjoyed watching my granddaughter!
I made two soft doll quilts for her, but forget to make a picture! 

My finished objects are:
- two secret objects: the centre bloc for a Round Robbin swatch and a postcard for a postcard swap. Pictures of the centerblock I will post later. .

The fields with tulips on this sunny postcard.

- Three doll quilts, one for the granddaughter of a friend and two for my granddaughter.
- two place mats for a dear friend who celebrates her birthday tonight.No feathers on these place mats. I wanted place mats for a breakfast or lunch in the summer! I hyper quilted flowers with leaves.
It is still difficult for me to keep the stippling consistent! Had to practice stippling more.

So I do need to deal with WIP's and BOM's for next week:

  1. Posting the Giraffe pattern.
  2. Yellow inchies for a swap.
  3. I already pieced the top of two ladders and snakes play quilts for my granddaughters. I want to applique the snakes, ladders and numbers. Also two big dices. The play quilts must be ready before their birthdays in Augustus and September.
  4. Two more red place mats for my daughter in law. So I can give it to her the next time we go to see them.
  5. The fabrics for two more Balloon baby quilts are cut weeks ago. This week one finish. The one I will give to my youngest daughter when she finally can tell me she is pregnant. 
  6. Finish the picnic quilt (wedding rings) for my eldest daughter. The mother of my granddaughter. 
  7. I started a blog for free motion quilting in Dutch. I want to upload at least two posts next week. 
 So there is a lot to do next week, so

Let's go quilting!

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Keep quilting!

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