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Tutorial: Mug rugs and place mats with hyperquilted flower

Tutorial challenge #1: Hyper quilted mug jug

Hyperquilting is fun to do en gives beautifull  effects like this hyper quilted flower in three colours.
Instead of sewing samplers I like to sew gifts for family and friends like these place mats and mug jugs. I few days after sewing they were already on the breakfast table of a dear friend. A present for her birthday.
This tutotial featured in Quilt Gossip

( A lovely gift with these place mats. See additional tutorial)

Finished size: 5 inch square

You need scraps of white cotton, batting or flannel, scraps for the binding and thread in matching colors. I use 40 wt polyester (Brildor) but cotton or rayon embroidery thread gives beautiful flowers to.

1. Cut the cotton and batting.
It is easier to move a bigger square round the needle, so it is better to quilt your mug rugs in one piece. So I cut a 6 inch square for one,  a 12 inch x 6 inch piece for two and a 12 inch square for four mug jugs. slightly smaller.

2. Cut 1,5 inch strips for the binding and find thread in matching colors.

3. Make a sandwich with pins, mark 6 inch squares and the middle of each square.
4. Practice the pattern of the flower on paper.  Start in the center with a spiral and draw petals around the spiral. The size and form of petals may slighty differ. Do the same with each color and finish with filling the center spiral with yellow circles.

5. Stitch your flower in the same order as drawn in the picture.
When you do not have problems with the tension of your thread you can use white thread in the bobbin. Otherwise you need the match the color in the bobbin.
Snap your threads when you start and end with a color. Because of the heavy stitching in the center of the flower you can snap your threads without bury them with a knot.
6. Free motion quilt around the flower a filler with a white thread. For the mug jug you need micro quilting. I used for the two mug jugs two different fillers: pebbling and echoing of the flowers.
If you  have no experience with the filler, practice the pattern on paper.
Tip: Pebbling looks better if you stitch every circle twice or thrice

7. Cut the sandwich in 5 x 5 inch square mug jugs.

 8. Finish your mug rug with the binding.

A lovely gift with the place mats. See tutorial

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  1. Really beautiful! Love it and the flower detail is gorgeous!Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. Beautiful little works of art! Love the orange.. my favourite!! :)

  3. Beautiful Mus Rugs and I love your quilting!!Hugs Bambi

  4. I love the design and the colors that you chose. I want to thank you and welcome you for joining Fluster's Creative Muster Party! Now that you found our party I hope that you will continue to join us.

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  5. Lovely. Nice way to experiment and make a gift for friends. I really enjoy your site. :)

  6. Very pretty! And a great way to try out new designs before using them on something bigger.