dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Tutorial placemats with hyperquilted flower.


Hyperquilting is fun to do en gives beautiful  effects like this hyper quilted flower in three colours.
Instead of sewing samplers I like to sew gifts for family and friends like place mats and mug jugs. I few days after sewing these place mats  a friend used them on her breakfast table. A present for her birthday.

Finished size: 13 inch x 19 inch inch

You need white cotton for top and back, batting or flannel, a fat quarter colored fabric for the binding and thread in matching colors. One or two green colors thread for some leaves around the flowers.
I use 40 wt polyester (Brildor) but rayon embroidery thread gives beautiful flowers to.

1. Cut the cotton and batting (14 inch x 20 inch) and make a sandwich with pins.
    (The sandwich is after quilting slightly smaller)
2. Cut 1,5 inch strips for the binding and find thread in matching colors.
3. Mark the places for the centers of the flowers.
4. Practice the pattern of the flower on paper.  Start in the center with a spiral and draw petals around the spiral. The size and form of petals may slighty differ. Do the same with each color and finish with filling the center spiral with yellow circles.

5. Stitch your flower in the same order as drawn in the picture.
When you do not have problems with the tension of your thread you can use white thread in the bobbin. Otherwise you need the match the color in the bobbin.
Snap your threads when you start and end with a color. Because of the heavy stitching in the center of the flower you can snap your threads without bury them with a knot.

6. Practice if necessary your leaves on paper. You can alter the scale if you want. Mark if necessary the places where you want to stitch your leaves and stitch the leaves in green. 
7. Free motion quilt around the flower a filler with a white thread.
When you have made the mug jugs you can stitch the same filler, but on a bigger scale.
If you  have no experience with the filler or the scale of the filler, practice the pattern in the desired scale on paper.

8. Sqaure the sandwich to 13 inch by 19 inch and finish it with the binding.

   A lovely gift with the mug rugs! See tutorial

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  1. Very nice quilting! And thanks for the Tutorial.
    I see, you try the Brildor Thread. ;-)

    lg, Katharina

    1. Off course, there are 250 colors and a lot of multi colors. It is shiny and strong, same quality but much cheaper (2,50 euro) than the thread I used before. In the Netherlands online to order at: www.matson.nl