maandag 5 augustus 2013

A finish and two old finishes cut in pieces.

It was a lovely summer weekend. I was sitting with my sewing machine on the balcony and enjoyed the view. Especially when the sun goes down with the flood light!

I finished this weekend a second mini quilt with hyper quilting. It is a present for one of my oldest friend, who has her birthday this Wednesday.
Finally the binding is no problem anymore. Nice mitered corners, all four! Finished in 25 minutes. A personal record!
The mini quilt I finished this weekend

A present together with this one for a friend for more than forty years!

 I cut two wall ahngings in to pieces for place mats and mug rugs.

My SewCalGal fmq challenge #5  in pieces ......

and my 'Look1' wall hanging in pieces

Besides cutting the wall hangings into pieces, I had pull out the binding. I do not like binding quilts. But when you cut a quilt in pieces, the pieces need a lot more binding!

Thanks everybody for your kind words!

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