vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

Friday again!

Another sunny week in Amsterdam. I went with my daughter and both granddaughters to the swimming pool. Salijn is my granddaughter and Sascha is my husbands granddaughter. They are not often together, but they get along well. I love to hear them talking to each other while playing and it is fun to see Salijn imitating big Sascha!
After finishing her ice cream Sascha 'helps' Salijn with eating her ice cream! It is a joy to watch them!
I had a few quilt finishes this week

The second fmq-tutorial for my own challenge: exercising micro-fmq on postcards is posted on my blog.

I finished three samplers that I already gave away as place mats to friends who were my neighbours in the street where our children are born and raised.

I finished my second hyper quilted feather sampler

It a gift together with the one I finished last week. Micro quilting and hyper quilting is so fun to do. I am practising  for a big, white whole cloth.

The two samplers may look great on a picture, but I have to practice a lot before I can start working on my whole quilt. I know not all the patterns are consistent enough and I make to much mistakes. My friends do not see it, but I always sew with 'my mothers eyes'. My mother was a talented sewer and a teacher. She was always very critical when I was sewing. I learned sewing sitting in her room when she was teaching or sewing. She had patience with her pupils, but she wanted me to sew perfect like she did. She let me rip out a lot! When I am sewing and make a mistake or finish something not 100% well, I still hear her voice!

I need to improve echoing and backtracking and I need to speed up with same accuracy too.
I try consistent stippling with two gingko leaves samplers. Consistent quilting is much more easy  on micro quilting scale. I assume that when I can keep stippling consistent on a bigger scale, it must be easier to keep other patterns consistent as well! I put one sampler partly on the other one before I take a picture, so you can not see the worst stippling!

My friends did not ever hold a needle in their hands hands. So they don't even know that stippling need to be consistent and were very happy with the presents!

Next weekend I am with even older friends in a hotel in Emmeloord. That is the place where we went to high school together. We have a weekend together every year. I make for them place mats like this ones in different colours, all with stippling! So after next week my stippling much be almost perfect!

I start with two UFO's this week as well. Two 'Balloon ride' play quilts. The balloons and two girls are finished. I want to finish one  quilt this weekend. I hope I can give it to my youngest daughter, who comes home Sunday from Africa.

So there is a lot to sew!

Keep quilting!