zondag 4 augustus 2013

The Albert Cuyp, the famous Amsterdam streetmarket (I)

At least once a week I like to go down town Amsterdam. So I did last Saturday, the day of the Gay Parade with boats in the canals.
I love the city, having a cup of coffee on a terrace (not in a coffee shop!) and just wandering around. Most of the times it means I go to the 'Albert Cuyp' too. It is the most famous street market in Amsterdam in a very trendy neighbourhood. Many tourists know to find it!
Most tourist do not know, that there are a lot of very special shops behind the stands of the market. Some shops have the same interior for many, many years but you can buy a lot of special products.
There are a few quilt shops in Amsterdam, but when I want to buy fabrics, thread or anything else for quilting, I always go first to the shops behind the stands. Next to the Albert Cuyp is the shop where I bought my sewing machine.

In this post, I will show you some stands on the Albert Cuyp, but I will show you some special shops behind the stands in future posts.

Of course flowers ........

And herring and pickles ......

Wooden shoes in all colors for the tourists to take home!

One of my favourit fabric shops.

And  more flowers ......

Enjoy a drink or a meal.
Very cheap big pieces of good quality cotton on sale. Excellent for samplers, place mats or table runners!

Bread ....

Fabrics on stands ........

...and even more in the shops!

Trendy furniture for your terrace or garden.
Beautiful fabricsin a shop with more expensive fabrics.

The 'Bazar' a trendy oriental restaurant in an old Church.



All kinds of sugars........

Insence and essential oil. No pictures said the lady!

On my way home I saw a lot of boats waiting to join the Gay Parade.
The soccer boat on the Gay Parade

Bad timing to go down town! I had to walk with my bike! Many, many people!

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