donderdag 15 augustus 2013

Friday again

Friday again. Strange week with the funeral of my daughters father in law. It was a very special person and it was a very special funeral with a meeting in a sheepfold in the woods next to his house with lots of people. There was beautiful music made by musicians of the famous Dutch Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam.
There was a lot of laughter at the stories told about his live. When one of the speakers read  from a letter written by the deceased it was almost cabaret. The letter was a report of his staying in the hospital. So cynical but with a lot of humor. He told us in the letter about the fight of his body against the bacteria and how he saw the last ones with white flags crawling away ....... So wrong! He lost the fight. And despite the laughing, we will miss him.

But the rest of the week it was business as usual. The live of a retired teacher is very easy going!

I made a month ago 8 inchies. Four for a swap and four for me. I posted four, but still no sigh of there arrival. I think something went wrong with the envelop. I just put them in a envelop. Not so smart with the embellishment. So I sew the same embellishment on the four remaining inchies and posted them between cardboard with a lot of tape in an envelop. So nothing can go wrong now, I hope.

Inchies with mini micro stippling (pebbles, McTavish, stippling and paisley.)

I made a giraffe bloc for a dolls quilt.


I had two requests for the pattern of my giraffe baby quilt with tinkling horns and rustling ears. So I posted a free pattern with tutorial.

Another finish this week is this mini guilt 'Shells on a sandy beach' for the Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative.

Another sampler for my shell guilt.

And I made four samplers with stippling and pebbles. Of course I made place mats out of the samplers. I hyper quilted feathers and gingko leaves with different thread colors and used matching binding.

Red colored gingko leaves with red binding. My stippling is still not consistent, but better.

Yellow orange hyper quilted feathers, with yellow orange binding. I love the pebbling but stippling is much quicker.

This weekend I will visit with four high school friends the place where we went to school. I finished only two presents. So there is a problem. In the Netherlands we have always a solution for those kind of problems. I will buy two bunches of flowers!

 Stash report:

Fabric used this week  4.5 yards
Fabric used year to date  25 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  38 yards
Net used 2013  4,5 yards

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  1. Wonderful finishes - your placemats look perfect!! Thank you for linking to TGIFF today!

  2. I love those placemats, the Gingko ones especially.

  3. Love the giraffe!! It's my favorite zoo animal!

  4. Dropping by again from TGIFF and Whoop Whoop - you've had such a busy week and the projects you've been working on are looking fab - that giraffe is sooo cute! Hope the second set of inchies arrive safely :)

  5. Love the feathers and ginko leaves in those fab placemats!

  6. Your little giraffe is adorable! And your quilting is amazing, as always. Whoop whoop for you!!

  7. Love your inchies and the giraffe is so cute.

  8. Love that giraffe block, so cute. and the quilting on the placemats is just wonderful!

  9. Sorry to hear about the death but it sounds like it was a wonderful time to share memories. Your giraffe is adorable and I love your hyper-quilting. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  10. Those ginkgo leaves are so cute! I will have to try them. Lovely set of placemats.

  11. What a cute giraffe! Thank you for the pattern and tutorial. So sorry to hear of your daughter's father-in-law's death - he sounded special. Love your quilting! And thank you for linking to Applique Tuesday!

  12. still have my e-mail in your blog posts?