woensdag 7 augustus 2013

Gingko leaves!

I finished today two place mats for Marysia, a very old friend. She has her birthday today. Congratulations. I will go to her tonight with another friend. We lived together in the same small street when we get and raised our children!

Vandaag twee place mats gemaakt voor een vriending. Ik ga met een andere vriendin naar haar verjaardag. We woonden samen in het kleine hofje waar onze kinderen zijn geeboren en opgegroeid .

While collecting quilts on Pinterest I saw for the first time gingko leaves! Applique, thread play, pieced, painted, ...... I love the shape of this leave and wanted to feature them on a quilted place mat. One of my future projects will be a big quilt with big applique gingko leaves with fabrics dyed by myself. Not very original, I know. Before I do that, I need to exercise thread playing gingko leaves, this is my first attempt.
In Dutch gingko is: Japanese nut tree!

Sinds ik quilt en quilts verzamel op Pinterest, kom ik overal gingko blaadjes tegen. Ik vind de vorm van deze bladeren zo mooi, dat ik graag een quilt wil maken met grote appliqué gingko bladeren van zelf geverfde katoen in felle kleuren. Niet erg origineel, ik weet het. Om de vorm in mijn vingers te krijgen, oefen ik met thread play gingko blaadjes.
De Nederlandse naam 'Japanse notenboom' vind ik ook een mooie naam!

I did not use a pattern or a marker for the leaves. I used four colors blue and white. The  leaves are quilted in three shades of blue and white Brildor polyester. I quilted stippling between the leaves, just to practice. I want to quilt it consistent but did not succeeded again! So I have to practice more. Micro stippling is much easier than just stippling!
But I think my friend will be pleased with the presents!

Ik heb vier kleuren blauw en wit gebruikt voor de blaadjes. Voor de donkerste bllaadjes gebruikte ik de donkerste drie kleuren blauw, voor de lichte blaadjes de twee lichtste kleuren blauw en wit.
Ik heb stippling gebruikt tussen de bladeren en ben er weer niet in geslaagd het patroon regelmatig te houden. Meer oefenen dus! Microstippling is een stuk eenvoudiger! 

Toch denk ik dat mijn vriendin blij zal zijn met haar cadeau!

Thanks everybody for your kind words!

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  1. So pretty!! I think your quilting is fabulous!!

  2. Your leaves are so lovely. I'm following your blog and tried to follow you on G+. I haven't figured G+ out yet......:D

  3. These are beautiful! So inspiring.
    xo jan

  4. Dropped by from TGIFF - great placements and smashing micro stippling, those leaves look fab :)

  5. That is very pretty :) Love the thread and the design. :)

  6. Your leaves are beautiful! The micro stippling looks really cool too!

  7. Beautiful leaves, and you did a great job with the micro-stippling!

  8. I love your leaf quilting, I am sure your friend will be thrilled with her placemats.

  9. Nice job! I love the blue on white and your quilting is superb.

  10. wow! your quilting looks great, and I'm impressed that you were able to do the leaves without marking! awesome!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. Your quilting is just beautiful! Thanks for linking to Really Random Thursday!

  12. These placemats are just lovely! We had gingko trees in our courtyard in Beijing, they leave horrid squishy fruit on the ground but otherwise are a lovely tree :) The leaves are just beautiful in Autumn.

  13. Looks really good! I haven't tried micro-stippling yet, but I love the way it looks! You did a really good job- you've got talent. Thanks for linking up!

  14. I can't believe you didn't draft those gingko leaves beforehand. I love them as a quilting motif! The light blue and white is so soft and pretty. What do you mean by "micro" stippling? You just stipple on a much smaller scale?