vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

Time to enjoy a dinner at the waterfront!

After a few cooler days it is summer again in The Netherlands.
Yesterday night we had diner at the waterfront on a terrace of a very old cafe   'Het sluisje' (The little Lock). The cafe is more than 100 years old, next to a very old lock in a canal: one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. The street is on a very old, miles and miles long dike with many old, beautiful houses. It is a five minutes walk from our house to get there. When it is nice weather and we have dinner friends who like to walk, we go with them after a walk to this place for a drink.

The lock next to the café

The view we enjoyed on the terrace in the shadow of the trees.

Some houses on the dike next to 'Het sluisje' There are always a lot of tourists cycling over the dike.

I did not have much time to sew. So a only finished a giraffe doll quilt for my granddaughter Salijn, who is in the country again after holidays in France with her parents. I am always glad when my children return from their holidays! I did onbly stitching in the ditch, to keep the fleece back of the quilt soft.

The doll quilt is made with the same giraffe pattern as the giraffe quilt for the baby of my husbands sun and daughter in law. Next week both pattern are on my blog.

Another finish is a sampler with hyper quilting. Of course it will be used as a place mat.
This month I have a weekend with four friends from high school. We are four old ladies now. we all went to university, divorced after a long marriage, just retired and I am the only grandma! I like to give them a present so I have to sew eight samplers like this. So I can practice hyper and micro quilting a lot! I tried a new filler: double micro stippling with two colors. It looks nice, but I have to work on the pattern a little.

Thanks everybody for your kind words!

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