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My challenge #3 Tutorial FMQ Gingko leaves presents

How to sew Gingko leaves freehand.

When you add some gingko leaves to your fmq samples you have beautiful presents for your family and friends. They love them in every color combination! To fmq a gingko leave you need to know something of the anatomy of this characteristic leaves. 

1. The anatomy of a gingko leave
2. Freehand gingko leaves
3. Sampler-presents with gingko leaves.
4. Different shades of gingko leaves in one color.

1. The anatomy of a gingko leave
  • The leaves of the Ginkgo are remarkable for the fan of simple, forked veins. The veins are slightly raised and give a ribbed appearance to the foliage.

When you look well at the veins you see they are forked and not branched
  • Most of the gingko leaves are notched with a deep slit in the middle.
  • Elongated petiola as long as the foliage with a little knot at the end.

2. Freehand gingko leaves
The shape of the leave and the ribbed foliage, made the gingko leave easy for freee motion quilting.  Look well at the pictures of some gingko leaves. Look at the veins. the shape of the petiola and the foliage. You find much more drawings and pictures of gingko leaves here.
  • Draw some freehand gingko leaves on paper. Draw untill you know you can easy draw the leaves.
  • Sandwich your sampler for a fmq filler.
  • Choose a dark, medium and light thread of the same color.
  • Before you free motion quilt the filler on your sampler, you need to embroider the gingko leaves. Decide where you want to sew the gingko leaves on your sampler.
  • If nescesary mark with five dots the place where you want to sew a gingko leave like in the picture below.
  • FMQ the contour of a gingko leave with the darkest color. The slit is always right above the petiola. Sew a little knob at the end of the petiola.
    Sew the contour a second time.

  •  Sew with the same color veins and ends in the knob.

  • Sew with the medium color veins. Starts at mark A and finish in A.

  •  Sew with the light color veins. Starts at mark A and finish in A.

  • After finishing your gingko leaves: free motion quilt the filler or fillers on your sampler. 
  • Square your sampler and bind it with fabric in a color which matches your gingko leaves.

3. Presents from your samplers

Sampler pebbling

sampler fmq stippling, filling the space between the gingko leaves
4. Different shades of gingko leaves in one color. 

The sampler with blue gingko leaves has laeves in three shades of blue. To embroider these you need threads in four shades of blue: dark (D), medium dark (MD), medium (M), medium light(ML), light(L) and white (W).
Use for the darkest shade of leaves: D, MD and M thread.
Use for the medium shade of leaves: MD, ML and L thread.
Use for the lightest shade of leaves: ML, L and W thread.

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  1. Oh Maartje what a wonderful tutorial, thank you so much, it was so easy to follow and I enjoyed it so much as I have been visiting Japan for the last 50 years and have seen the gingko leaves in many different seasons, they are so beautiful to see on the trees in spring and on the ground in autumn. Cheers glenda Australia.

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    Thanks for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

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