zondag 11 augustus 2013

Alzheimer Art Quilts Initiative quilt missing

We went with friends to a baseball game this afternoon. Both men played baseball a long, long time ago. My husband played even in the Dutch team.
It was nice weather and a tie game. The Dutch champion won with 2-1 in the last inning.
One  of the biggest stadiums of The Netherlands (cap. 2750) !
In The Netherlands soccer is much, much bigger than baseball. Today the stadium was almost empty! I think about 200 spectators. But we had fun!

I made two mini quilts for the Alzheimer Art Guilt Initiative and I sent them by post. One of the quilts is somewhere between The Netherlands and the United States.

It is no problem.  I promished to send another one. I love quilting shells, so I decided to combine some practice with my promish.
I did not quilt this time shells on purple cotton but I tried cotton with the color of sand at out North Sea beaches. I used three multi colors polyester thread with the colors of shells. The binding is cotton with the same color as one of the shades of the multicolors.

'Shells on a sandy beach'  (8 x 12 inch)
I made this Alzheimer Quilt it in memory of my grandma. As long as I know we were looking  for shells on the beach together, I do not mind she had forgotten!
Tomorrow it is on the way to the United States.

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  1. visiting from Sew Many ways. I love this. I love the missing one too. It is weird how things go missing even when tracked. Such a shame after all the work you do.

  2. I hope this one makes it! What a lovely memory. Great quilting as usual:)

  3. I love when our memories are tied to a quilt as you have so beautifully done!!

  4. That is a shame your first quilt is lost. However, your second one is such a delight with all the memories quilted in there. This one had better not get lost, too!

  5. Hope the missing quilt turns up at some point but what a great second piece you've made! :)

  6. That really is a shame that your quilt went missing! Your shell quilt is beautiful both in looks and sentiment. What a lovely thought, I am sure it would do your grandma proud!

    Stopping by from the WIP hop http://domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2013/08/wednesday-wip-august-14th-edition.html

  7. Love your shell quilt it looks lovely!!

  8. Oh, that's a shame about the missing quilt. I hope it turns up after all. Lovely new one, though.

  9. What a beautiful quilt and sorry about the one that got lost. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday