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Accauracy is not easy! Friday finishes

I have been busy two days! with this block for the Aiming for accuracy quilt along. What I learned the most is that piecing is a synonym for 'patience'.  First time I did not read the tutorial well and I finished with totally different blocks. Second time I did read the tutorial well but I made the same mistake. This time I decided not cut the blocks up to dolls quilts, but I ripped the seams and saw the seams again. What a job., but it is done.

Ik ben twee dagen bezig geweest met mijn vierde blok voor de Quilt Along, waarin je leert accuraat blokken te maken. Wat ik wel geleerd heb is dat je geduld moet hebben en de tutorials niet alleen goed moet lezsen, maar ook tijdens het naaien even terug moet kijken. Anders eindig je net als ik tot twee keer toe met een verkeerd blok.

Another thing I learned is that my sewing machine, Husqvarna Emerals 183, is OK for free motion. No tension problems at all. This machine is a work horse  that will be working for hours and hours without a problem, when I like to fmq. But sewing seams when I am piecing is not going that easy. To much problems at the beginning and the end of a seam and when I had to sew more layers. I had to go back to the shop to ask what I can do about that.

Verder heb ik geleerd dat mijn Husqvarna Emerlas 183 een werkpaard is als ik bezig ben met free motion quilten, maar met het naaien van blokken gaat er steeds van alles fout. Het draad loopt vast bij het begin van een naad, de stof trekt scheef bij het begin en het eind en als de naald door meerdere lagen moet, loopt de stof niet door!

The block I finished today. The green centres are OK, almost perfect, but the yellow centres far from that!  De groene puntjes komen mooi bij elkaar in het centrum van de blokken, maar dat is me niet gelukt met de gele puntjes!


Far from OK! Dat had beter gekund!

I finished this week four blocks of the Quilt Along. Enough. I bought some black and white cotton for free motion quilting. I like to sew swirls, feathers and shells and botanicals!
When I started with fmq, that was not easy. Piecing with accaracy is not either!

Ik heb van de week vier blokken van de quilt along genaaid. Nu is het weer tijd voor quilten uit de vrije hand. Ik heb mooi zwart en wit katoen voor krullen, veren en schelpen! Toen ik begon met fmq was het ook niet makkelijk, maar accuraat blokken naaien is dat ook niet.

 Finished blocks of the quilt along so far.

Friday and Saturday there is a exhibition at the local quilt shop in Amsterdam Oostzaan and allthough we had to baby sit this weekend in Utrecht (40 km drive to the exhibition), I have to go. It is such a pleasant shop with friendly people!

Er is een exibitie van quilts van cursisten van Quiltshop De bricoleur in Tuindorp Oostzaan in Amsterdam. En hoewel we op onze kleinkinderen moeten passen in Utrecht, ga ik er toch naar toe. Het is zo'n fijne winkel en je wordt er altijd vriendelijk geholpen! En ik sta verbaqasd van wat er altijd te koop is! Ik ben er nog nooit voor niets geweest.

I finished this week a fmq sampler  and the three dolls quilts. I used the failed blocks of the quilt along for these quilts.
Uit de mislukte blokken van de quilt along heb ik deze week nog drie poppenquiltjes gemaakt. Verder heb ik een proeflapje gemaakt met veren en een vuller uit de vrije hand.

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  1. your blocks look great! I love the colors, and I agree, sometimes accuracy is tough to achieve!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Hi, Maartje. Nothing like good old fashioned pieced blocks to keep you on your toes. Love the blue fmq piece.
    best, nadia

  3. I really like your fabric selections and the corners look good! I share in your piecing frustration!! Thanks for coming to the Block Party!!

  4. This block in the QAL also gave me problems initially but my accuracy and patience are definitely improving! Love how yours is coming together - the fabric colors are so cheery!

  5. Beautiful little doll quilts, Maartje, and as usually your FMQ is amazing! Whoop whoop!!

  6. I don't see anything wrong with your block centers! For me quilting is a journey - not necessarily a destination.

    One thing that might help with the beginning/end of seams is to feed a scrap piece of fabric through before and after the piece you are working on. It helps to keep the thread from jamming up underneath.

  7. Hello Maartje,

    Your FMQ sampler is fabulous - as always - and your piecing is so neat.

    I have just finished a project with straightforward piecing and straight line quilting - it nearly drove me nuts. Nothing was as straight as it should have been. That is the trouble with FMQ, it is so quick and all the lines bend that you forget how to work in straight lines.


  8. I agree "the journey is the destination" and I only unpick if my seams are way off what they should be. I also use the scrap fabric at the start trick to stop the machine "eating" my fabric when I begin a seam. I love the colours you've chosen for the quilt along!

  9. Dropping by from SbS Anything Goes - so many blocks. I too use the starters and enders fabric scraps when I sew to prevent the foot going back into it's resting position against the plate and it also saves lots of thread! :)

  10. Great blocks...about the start and end when sewing a seam...apart from using starters and enders you can also buy yourself a straight stitch plate for your machine. It has a smaller opening for the needle to go through and prevents your machine eating the fabric.