woensdag 14 augustus 2013

Four placemats done, four to go!

It is a lovely week. Real Dutch summer. Not to cold, not to hot, sunshine with clouds most of the day and alomost every day some rain. We enjoy the summer at home. It is my first summer as a retired teacher.

I have finished today four samplers/place mats. I exercised stippling and pebbling. I love to penbble, but stipling is much faster. I combined this exercising it with hyper quilting feathers and gingko leaves. I hope my friends like it!

I planned to sew eight place mats, but this weekend I am with my high school friends in Emmeloord, the place where we went to school. I want to sew tomorrow something for my granddaughter Salijn, who has her birthday this weekend. I had to do some cleaning before I go and we have a dinner guest tomorrow. So busy enough.
I plan binding the place mats I cut from my samplers. So I will have presents four all four high school friends.

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