vrijdag 17 mei 2013

A baby quilt with pattern

I visited this year with my grandchildren the Dick Bruna House in Utrecht,The Netherlands, several times. Dick Bruna is the author of the Miffy books
Miffy drawn bij Dick Bruna

In the Dick Bruna House is a game. Children need to give the little girls the balloon that matches the dress.

I decided to make a babyquilt of the game and this weekend I finished two babyquilts. One for my husbands son and his wife (they get a baby in November, and one for a dear friend who has a little baby girl.
The white balloons are made of flannel, so the coloured balloons stick to the white balloons. (The principle of a design wall.) The dresses are applique.
It is easy to change a girl in a boy: cut out a corner from the dress to cange it in trousers and a t-shirt.

The quilting is stippling. 
It was not difficult to keep the quilting pattern consistent in the little squares of the big '365 days in 6 weeks quilt', but I did not succeed to keep my stipling consistent in this baby quilt. In the second baby quilt with a different quilting pattern, the quilting is more consistent. Below some pics. I did not quilt the dresses and the balloons.

Here is a link to the pattern of the quilt with the templates of the girls and balloons in real size.  The pattern is in Dutch. Therefore below a description on how I sewed my quilt.

You need 1/4 yard white flannel, 1 yard white cotton and 1 yard colored cotton (red, green, orange, yellow of blue). 1/4 yard or scraps of the other four colors. 1 yard basting.

  1. Cut white cotton top, coloured back and basting (Finished seize quilt is: 40 inch x 32 inch.
    Cut 6 white flannel balloons
    Cut 12 colored balloons and 6 dresses of colored cotton
    For the binding: cut 10 strokes (44 inch x 1,5 inch) two of each color cotton
  2. Paint the drawing on the top.
  3. Pin or spray the top on the basting.
  4. Stitch the white flannel balloons and dresses on the quilt with a black satin stitch.
  5. Complete all the lines on the drawing with a satin stich. (Bruna pictures have always black lines.)
  6. Spray baste the back on the basting and machine quilt the sandwich. Do not quilt the balloons and dresses.
  7. Sew the long sides of the colored strokes together (see picture pattern). Cut the piece in two pieces of 22 inch and sew the long sides of the pieces together. Press the seams and cut the piece in strokes of 2 inch for the binding.
  8. Finish the quilt with the binding

When you made this quit, please share a picture with me. I love to see the variations.

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  1. What a darling quilt! I very much admire your FMQ. I'm a novice at it myself.

  2. Very nice! Your loops look fantastic! It's one "easy" FMQ pattern that I still can't do, even after years of trying. I just don't think my mind works in that way ;-).

    1. I saw your quilts and your beautiful quilting, compliments. Your mind works well!!

  3. Really a wonderful idea!!! And it really looks like the original game.

  4. I love that this quilt is interactive!! It's adorable!

  5. Miffy books were some of my daughter's favorite when she was 2 years old - she is now 42 and a mother herself. Brought back memories of reading to her. Cute baby quilts! Thanks for sharing the pattern.