dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Lots of samplers and books

It is almost November and finally autumn arrived. No more eating on our terrace. Today it will be stormy, raining and much colder. I have been baby sitting since February and every time we go for a long walk, but today we had to stay at home for the first time! They live near the coast the place were the storm is most heavy. 
Most trees in the parcaround us house are still green, but that will change soon. So I think we can love the autumn colors soon.

Het wordt nu eind oktober  toch nog herfst. Ik pas sinds februari elke week op mijn kleinzoon en elke week hebben we kunnen wandelen. Maar vandaag stormt en regent het, Zij wonen aan de kust en daar is de storm het sterkst. De meeste bomen hier in het park zijn nog groen, maar ik denk dat we snel van de herfstkleuren kunnen genieten.

This looks better after binding and quilting
The play quilt for my daughter will be finished tonight. It needs some quilting and binding. My dauchter did not want me to quilt it, but I succeeded in convincing her that it is nescesary! Three weeks to go and the baby is there, we hope healthy and well!

Het bokskleed voor mijn dochter is bijna af. Alleen de bies en dan minimaal quilten. Ze wilde liever helemaal niet dat ik het kleed doorstikte, maar ik kon haar nog net aan het verstand peuteren dat het moest. Nog drie weken en dan is de baby er. Hopelijk gezond en wel!.

I binded this week six samplers. As always I am surprised how adding a binding changes the view of a sampler. When I make a sampler with patterns I love the process of sewing, but I see a lot of mistakes and uneven stitches. So when I square the sampler after sewing I often think, that it is not good enough for a placemat gift. But binding the sampler a few weeks later makes the difference. I have six placemats ready to give away.

Als ik een sampler maak, doe ik dat om patronen te oefenen en steeds gelijkmatiger te leren stikken. Als ik de samplers na het stikkern op maat snij zie ik veel fouten en ongelijke steken. De lappen lijken me dan niets om placemats voor vrienden of familie van te maken. Als ik na een paar weken de placemats afbies is dat een wereld van verschil. Ik heb nu weer zes mooie placemats om weg te geven.
Multicolored thread with white bobbin thread.

Graffitti and with white thread in the bobbin.

Another pair with black thread in the bobbin.

Every time the patterns on a finished sampler are very tiny and I want to sew them bigger. I think I need to mark the first patterns before stitching. I hope that all patterns turn out bigger.

Steeds als ik een lap heb gestikt dan zijn de patronen kleiner dan ik wilde. Ik denk dat ik bij een volgende sampler de eerste patronen markeer. Dat moet helpen alles groter te houden.

I bought this week two books to read more about deying fabrics and quilts. They were new and I had to pay only 8 euro for both books. For the review of the first book of C. June Barnes I looked in amazon.com and I learned that the book is in English far more expensive then 4 euro! That is for the first time. Books, fabrics and everything you need for quilting is more expensive in Europe. After the renovating of the bathroom, after a week it is finished. But I had to order Coloring by accident at Amazon.com and with the costs of shipping it is more expensive. You win some, you loose some!

 I heb van de week twee nieuwe boeken over het verven van quilts en lappen gekocht bij bol.com. Voor de review van de boeken heb ik gekeken op amazon.com en ontdekte dat het boek over kleur en textuur van C. June Barnes daar vele malen duurder is als de vier euro die ik ervoor betaald heb. Dat is de eerste keer dat ik voor het quilten hier iets goedkoper kan krijgen dan in Amerika! Ik moest de verfbijbel 'Coloring by accident', kopen bij Amazon.com. Dat was dus weer flink duurder. Het kan niet altijd feest zijn.

Another book arrived from Amazon.de today. Lot of beauytiful projects and pictures.

Dit shibori-boek kwam vandaag van Amazon.de. Zulke mooie plaatjes en projecten.

Stash report
Used this Week: 4 yards
Used year to Date: 19 yards
Added this Week: 4 yards
Added Year to Date: 24 yards
Net: zero yards to my stash.

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Love from Amsterdam, keep quilting


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  1. Those are some lovely samplers! I especially like the red on black pair - and I love that play quilt as well.

  2. My, you have gone to town with the quilting! They look wonderful as placemats and the wonderful thing about this style of organic quilting is that 'mistakes' are somehow part of it - the human part. I particularly like the black and white ones.
    I have both those books - although I paid a lot more than 4 euros for them. Both good byes. Enjoy!

  3. Your quilting is awesome as usual. The VW play quilt is looking very sweet - I bet it's going to get a lot of use.

  4. The samplers are made with very lovely sewing.

  5. Wow! Those are beautiful placemats! Your quilting is gorgeous. I particularly love the last one with the red and pink threads. I can hardly believe that you started FMQ lest than 2 years ago...

  6. Reversible FMQ!! Something I keep meaning to try but haven't got round to yet...
    Fantastic work, Maartje!

  7. The place mats are beautiful ! I find my quilting is always smaller then I intend also. I love the cute quilt for your daughter.

  8. I stopped by from Esther's blog. I really enjoyed the samplers. I have struggled with liking the look of variegated threads in quilting, but this shows me how well it can work. Thank You.

  9. What a fabulous and fun looking play quilt, love it!

  10. Hi...beautiful FMQ on your samplers. T!his is so inspiring

  11. I just love those vans and your machine quilting is so amazing!

  12. your zen quilting is so good, I'm linking you to my sewing group who tried it. Expect a few views! I really like the way you added in the essence of a road on the vw quilt. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  13. I'm mesmerized by your quilting work - it's stunning! This makes me want to practice my own skill, and I think your sampler placemats are a brilliant way to do this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Your quilting is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing and linking up at TGIFF!

  15. Very beautiful quilting; the multi-colored thread in the top with the white and black bobbins just makes such a solid statement that I love it.

  16. Mooie placemats, en een goed idee om FMQ te oefenen. Succes. Groetjes uit Rijswijk!

  17. Amazing placemats!! I think it's normal for the creator to see the "mistakes" in the work, but no one else will see them and they will be used and loved even if there are some irregular stitches here and there! And I love the different effect of the thread on the front and on the back!!
    Thanks for linking up at MOP Monday!! :)

  18. WOW, your quilting is really stunning!!!

  19. Wow! The quilted placemats are really amazing and will be great gifts!!!
    Greetings, Rike

  20. Hello Martje. The VW busses are so adorable. I know so many people who are into them =)
    And your quilting on those placemats, WOW!!
    xx Vicky